Pollus Windscreamer was the last known ruler of Jangling Hiter.[1]


Pollus Windscreamer was a hamatula and the disinterested leader of Jangling Hiter, a city in Minauros.[1] However, it was rumored that he was only a figurehead, while the true rulers of the city were the chain devils.[2]


Some time in the mid–14th century DR, Windscreamer still governed the hellish city.[1] Under his leadership, Jangling Hiter specialized in developing and executing precise methods of torture and partitioning of souls. Inhabitants of Jangling Hiter were frequently sought after by powerful archdevils such as Asmodeus and Levistus.[3] The majority of the population was made up of chain devils,[2][4] which had an egalitarian society where they played the roles of brutal constables.[4]



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