Polyhedron Newszine #114 was released in December 1995. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Ravens Bluff TrumpeterEdit

By Uncredited. p. 15

Mercenary Army Gathers on Plains, Lost Adventurers Return, House of Critters Moved. [citation template]

Forgotten Deities: Ssethh/VaeraeEdit

By Eric L. Boyd. p. 20

Ssethh/Vaerae, lord of the Yuan-ti. [citation template]

Jungle TalesEdit

By Dr. M. Hilzenbauer, Illustrated by Valerie Valusek. p. 21

Tales and legends for the Living Jungle campaign The World Rests on the Back of a Toad, and Why the Shu Must Not Kill Each Other. [citation template]

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