Polyhedron Newszine #135 was released in April 1999. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Elminster's Everwinking Eye: A Wayfarers Guide to the Forgotten RealmsEdit

By Ed Greenwood. p. 8–9

The tour of the Border Kingdoms continues with Myrinjar, the capital of Adaerglast, the Land of Mages. [citation template]

City Stories: The Temple of GondEdit

By Joe Masdon. p. 10–12

A visit to The Turning Wheel, the newly-opened temple of Gond in Ravens Bluff. [citation template]

Wolflords of MalarEdit

By Chadwick V. Simmons. p. 13

An extension of the Church of the Beast-Lord in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. [citation template]

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