Polyhedron Newszine #60 was released in June 1991. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Bookwyrms: A Force For Good in the RealmsEdit

By Marlys Heeszel. p. 20;30

The Harpers, the mysterious do-gooders of Faerûn, are the subject of a new series of Realms setting novels: The Parched Sea, Elfshadow & Red Magic. [citation template]

The Everwinking Eye: Who's Who in MulmasterEdit

By Ed Greenwood. p. 21–22

The creator of the Realms is not finished with Mulmaster. This issue he takes a look at who's who in the city. [citation template]

The Living City: The Dancing Bear InnEdit

By Eric Kemper and Terence Kemper. p. 23–25

The Dancing Bear Inn in Ravens Bluff is filled with fine food, fast-paced entertainment, and quick-fingered thieves. [citation template]

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