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Pomab Ak'azmhir was the Calishite owner of Pomab's Emporium in Easthaven within the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.[1][2]


The merchant was a slender man who dressed in red robes.[1]


Having a shady past, Pomab spoke openly he was the third son of the Pasha of Calimshan and held the title of Royal Diplomatic Envoy of Calimshan. In the northlands, Pomab stated he was the Appointed Overseer of the Northern Caravan Routes, but none of these titles could be confirmed.[1]


Some time prior to Eleint, 1281 DR,[3] Pomab came into contact with the devil Belhifet and became a loyal servant to him. Seeking to rid all form of obstacles from his master's planned domination of the town he told Hrothgar that an expedition should be undertaken to the town of Kuldahar within the Spine of the World due to reports of strange occurrences there. Knowing what a braggart of a warrior Hrothgar was, Pomab assumed this would lead all other warriors within the area to join him on the expedition. Hrothgar then convinced Pomab to supply goods for the expedition.[1]

When Belhifet terrorized the Easthaven later that year with the power of Crenshinibon, Pomab's store was destroyed in the process and he was appointed the position of new ruler over the town. At this time Pomab was noted as feeling justified in his betrayal of the town, reasoning that if he had not worked with the devil, then all the inhabitants of Easthaven would have been slaughtered outright. When the group of adventurers that had been foiling the plans of his master finally arrived, they fought Pomab and a group of construct sentries that had been created by Crenshinibon. Pomab was thought to have died during this battle,[1] however, by 1374 DR he was still seen operating his store within Easthaven.[2]



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