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Pasha Pook was the leader of the Pook guild in Calimport, the capital of Calimshan. He was the one who had originally hired Artemis Entreri, "Pasha Pook's prime assassin", in an attempt to get an enchanted ruby back from the halfling Regis.

Pook was given Drizzt's magic panther, Guenhwyvar, as a token from Artemis Entreri. He had an exquisite love of exotic cats. He also had a dangerous portal to other realms called the Taros Hoop. Pook was deadly with a crossbow. He made many allies to increase his power and influence in Calimport. One example was the wererat guild led by Rassiter.


Pook lived in a villa known as Pook's Palace until his death in 1357 DR. The estate was located in Sarkh Drudach of Sholeh Sabban in the Khanduq Ward of Calimport.[1]


Pasha Pook was tall, bulgy, and fancily dressed.


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