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Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor is a Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game released in 2001 by Ubisoft.

Ruins of Myth Drannor is based on the AD&D module of the same name, but with rules updated for the third edition of AD&D.


Ruins of Myth Drannor takes place from an isometric third-person perspective, similar to the Baldur's Gate series. Unlike Baldur's Gate and other Infinity Engine games, Ruins of Myth Drannor features turn-based combat rather than real-time combat. The game uses three-dimensional characters over pre-rendered two-dimensional backgrounds.

The game is a dungeon crawl, with a focus on hack and slash combat and exploration of large dungeons with many bare, similar-looking rooms. Story progression and interaction with other characters is a minimum part of the game, although there is some interaction with NPCs and other in-game characters.


Sales for the game were initially low as it received lackluster reviews and was plagued with bugs, especially in the multiplayer part. The situation was so bad that uninstalling the unpatched game could wipe the user's system files. The main complaint about the game was that it was boring: as the AD&D module it was based on is intended for a large player group. This, in combination with the initial lack of multiplayer support, is understandable. And add to this some infinite and confusing dungeons, and an only one game style — hack and slash — to make this title a boring and repetitive one. Later patches fixed some of the stability issues, but by this time stronger competition such as Bioware's Neverwinter Nights had been released.


A dracolich and his sorcerous queen have seized control of the Mythal, the ancient magic that once protected the long-abandoned elven city of Myth Drannor. Once the elven ruin is completely in their thrall, the cult intends to expand its domination one city — and one soul — at a time.

Four heroes are sent to Myth Drannor by Elminster to stop the dracolich and the sorcerer queen from using the power of the Mythal to conquer Faerûn. They must travel to all areas of Myth Drannor, from the dungeons below the city, the city itself, the catacombs beneath the city, et al, in an attempt to stop the evil from taking over the region.



The Veiled Ones
AasirakAnorrweyn EvensongArianna the ArcherAzmark DuathelBannocBeriandBergos FrethCaalenfaireDreydre FrethDurlinElenaElminster AumarErik SliphandEtheFlemFolubenGarrasGebGloranGorgatGreyanna FrethGulrithiHachaam SelornHarldain IronbarIngloreIolrakKalannarKogKya MordraynLutherMalgi HiMiroden SilverbladeMol the GreatMolostroiNathlilik KilsekNottleOdelindeOnglorePelendralaarPlinshreePreybelishPujikRethaRivenerSamajShylaSindarSleethurSkerndliThyaast AmmathTusk-LordUgbuzVolunZud
Referenced only
Aeseder IldacerAilos StarlaughterAlea AunglorAolis AmmathAravae IrithylArtoth FrayhammerBodach SwanBoreaDrake (person)DrenofiendEnrocFaeurdyn FrethFaldisFanraetFieryat NierdreFinolas UlondarrGalibelGareshGorgolGrudyGunloda Ebonspire • • HelmhornJelde AsturienJuliban GenshihirJurckKelvhan OlortynnalKerymKluusarKorin HonedaxeKudgel DelvendoorLaele AinésilverMythantharNezrasOzamaPenaal ThristRolga StumprockSakaala of the Seven RingsSammasterSinodTrasaalTurabinTorvassinTyranthraxusUalairVictoriaVidorus


arraccat (black, guard) • baelnornblack nagadark nagadracolichdragon-kindrowdwarfdwarven statue golemelffishgargoyle (margoyle, margoyle queen) • ghastghostghoulguardian nagahalf-elfhalf-orchalflinghumanlich (archlich) • lizardfolkmohrgnaiadorcormyrrorogrevenant · shadow · skeleton (knight, lord) • spectrewightwraithzombie (lord)
Referenced only
alhoonbeholderboarcarrion crawlerderrodragon (gold, red) • duergarflindgnollnycalothogreogre-kinphaerimm


Myth DrannorNew Phlan
Avenue of SmithsBedlam PrisonCastle CormanthorCentral RuinsDeep HallsDwarven DungeonsDwarven TombsElven CatacombsGlim-GardensGrand AvenueGreat HallHalls of LightHalls of StoneHall of WizardsHouse of GemsLizardfolk RowNightingale CourtTavern of HealthRhonglyn RoomSpeculum GroundsShrine of the Silver FireStillwater RuinsTurgild's SquareWindrider Glade
Referenced only
HillsfarIncanistaeumKara-TurMoonseaPhlanPodol PlazaSokol KeepTurmishUnderdarkValhingen GraveyardZhentil Keep


ArmathorsCult of the DragonDoomkinElven CourtHouse FrethHouse KilsekSharpstick clanSisterhood of Silver Fire
Referenced only
Akh'VelahrArmy of DarknessHouse AinésilverHouse AlastrarraHouse AmmathHouse AulamyrHouse AunglorHouse IldacerHouse NierdreN'VaelahrHouse OmberdawnHouse StarymHouse UlondarrKnights of Myth Drannor


BackstabberBaneblade FaervianBaneblade Morvianblade of destructionblade of larcenyblade of venomDaemonclaws of Gr'ZakDrakulwyngDraedsword DaemoniacFlame Blade (short sword)great kife of Shydegreatsword of firePraungPurebladeRavensongscimitar of slayingShadowhisperSoul Bitersword of firebrandsword of marshbanesword of vengeancesTwilight GuardianValamir's SlayerWinter BladeWoundwulf
blunted dagger of armorBoghurst's PutrefactionBorea's Blooddagger of angelsdagger of defensedagger of magusdagger of ritualdagger of wardingDelvendoor's chiseldexterous daggerdrow assassin's daggerdrow ceremonial daggerDruul's KissInferno Knifemarshbane daggerMoonsplinterObsidian EdgeOrckillerThoggua's ToothVenom (dagger)
Artoth's Baneaxe of the phoenixHeadsplitterHelm CleaverHextor's VengeanceMeat Cleaverritual battleaxe of blessingSilverleaf hatchetWroth's Executioner
Clubs and Hammers
Asterfellonbrewmaster's cudgelCrypt Cleanserdwarven great warhammer of deathFau'Bluhdg'Nehammer of Martelhammer of justicehammer of splinteringHammer VeneficusHextor's CrueltyHextor's Mightmassive clubminers' great hammerMountain FistMorolithorcish lead maceSamigel's Dead SlayerSilverleaf rodSunderstonewarhammer of deathWings of DiabolicusWings of Dominion
DawnpikeDeathspikehalberd of vigilanceIlrazor of Sholg'GliathLeraja's spearLibertasPigstickerspear of stabbing
Deathbanedwarven ceremonial staffGuulstav of M'RaelhorridLuther's ProtectorRoderick's walking sticksacred staff of sunlightstaff of darknessstaff of deadly splintersstaff of firestormsstaff of flamestaff of flamestrikestaff of halt undeadstaff of harmtalisman staffThyaast's staff
Bows and Slings
Arrowflight of AngelsBloodbowbow of accuracyEthanniel's slingJaws of MalicePlaegPrince Antonae's StormbowSeethre's Tonguesling of striking
arrow of dire flatulencearrow of second deathdrow assassin's arrow
Magic Armor
ancient dwarven shield of protectionarcane mailarmor of shadowsdrow chainmaildrow spidersilk armorFaldis's Defendergirdle of serenityholy armorlancer's guardminer's burnished light plate of protectionsminer's ward of invulnerabilityNezras's mysterious chainmailNightshadeOlortynnal's heartmailQuimbee's armor of many pocketsRavenskinreptilian scale mailRicimer's barrierrunic shieldsacred vestmentsshield of House Starymshield of puritySpellfoilstalwart shieldSylmorrirVictoria's leather corsetvulcan mailwindswept armorWraithmael of DrenofiendWraithmael shield
Magic Amulets
Alaric's charmamulet of constitutionamulet of invulnerabilityamulet of perfect healthamulet of protection from paralysisamulet of strengthcrimson broochdoomkin scarabElena's pewter locketEye of RanmanEye of the WitchFruhvogel's pendantGhoulstopper amuletJewel of SammasterKluusar's bloodstone amuletKluusar's chain of wardingmedallion of defensemedallion of Lolth Mortissa's beads of rigornecklace of confidencenecklace of the deadnecklace of magic resistancenecklace of Odoacernecklace of spiritual weaponnecklace of prayer beadsnecklace of protectionnecklace of safe footfallsOnglore's amulet of warOnyx of the Richest WortTheodore's token of luckTyr's locket of justice
Magic Rings
Aasirak's ebony twin ring of powerAasirak's ivory twin ring of powerArknor's Vile VoiceBeckon of KelemvorBone of MyrkulBright Bane of MellifleurBreath of KossuthCegilune's Perfumecerulean ringdeath's head ringDydimm's ring of false hopeFeather of SharGears of GrumbarGarras' Keen SightGong of TyrGorgol's AsylumLens of OghmaMilla's BlessingMisery's EmbraceOberon's Airy LashOlidammara's WhisperRing of Azularring of batteringring of blessingring of brute strengthring of callingring of calmingring of charismaring of cloudy mindring of coldring of confusionring of constitutionring of cursingring of defensering of disbeliefring of dodgingring of equilibriumring of Electraring of freedomring of harvestring of healthring of hold personring of hushingring of intelligencering of mothersring of naga's kissring of precisionring of protectionring of the protectedring of restorationring of relinquishmentring of searing lightring of silencering of slowingring of soulsring of staminaring of strengthring of teethring of whiskersring of wisdomserpent's ringStillness of DawnTalona's Lashing Tonguetopaz bandTorm's Tiny CircletTouch of CyricTremble RingTurabin's Cleansing TrinketVeil of VanityWhip-Ring of Loviatar
Gauntlets and Gloves
Dymon's dutiful glovesFist of Saint CuthbertFists of Ranmangauntlets of destructiongauntlets of dexteritygauntlets of light burdenThe Gauntlets of Moandergauntlets of necromancygauntlets of ogre powergauntlets of ogre sizegloves of archmagegloves of couragegloves of steadinessIldacer's satin glovesTheodore's Gloves of Kinshipthundergrip gauntletsVictoria's gloves of electric touch
Magic Boots
Bernard's unforgivable bootsboots of graceboots of healthboots of mobilityboots of stalkingboots of the tortoiseboots of wisdomboots of withering beautydrow boots of displacementFarliand's Fabulous FootwearLenore's Sanctuarymagician's bootssnakeskin bootsVictoria's boots of beguiling gait
healing salvepotion of blinknaga bloodpotion of bull's strengthpotion of cat's gracepotion of delay poisonpotion of displacementpotion of fireshieldpotion of freedom movementpotion of hastepotion of healingpotion of insect plaguepotion of invisibilitypotion of mage armorpotion of neutralize poisonpotion of poisonpotion of protection from poisonpotion of remove blindnesspotion of remove fearpotion of restorationpotion of sleeppotion of speedpotion of spell resistancepotion of strengthsalve of remove paralysispotion of true seeingsalve of undead repairsalve of "I Can't Believe It's Not Black Pudding!"
Sceptre of LeogansTerrilan's Crimson Wandwand of cloudkillwand of commandwand of cure serious woundswand of charm monsterwand of chain lightningwand of Electrawand of entanglementwand of fireballswand of firestormwand of flame strikewand of coldwand of healwand of healingwand of hold personwand of magic missileswand of maguswand of mass suggestionwand of Melf's acid arrowwand of neutralize poisonwand of restorationwand of resurrectionwand of slay livingwand of stinking cloudwand of undead control
Aasirak's brainbeacon of Grigoridrow lamp of darknessEar of Myth DrannorElhrain's lanthorngem of the weavemythalphylacterypool of radianceruby of earthborn windStone MouthStone of Fates


aidbestow curseblindnessblinkblessBloodflamebull's strengthburning handscat's gracecause fearchain lightningcharm monstercharm personchill touchcircle of deathcommandcone of coldconfusioncontrol undeadcloudkillcure critical woundscure light woundscure minor woundscure moderate woundscure serious woundscursedarknessdazedelay poisondestructiondetect magicdisintegratedispel magicdisplacementdisrupt undeaddivine powerdominationentanglefearfeeblemindfind trapsfinger of deathfireballfire shieldfire stormflame strikefreedom of movementfree actionghoul touchglobe of invulnerabilityharmhastehealhold monsterhold personhold undeadimproved invisibilityIncendiary cloudinflict critical woundsinflict light woundsinflict moderate woundsinflict serious woundsinvisibilityinvisibility spherelightning boltmage armormagic missilemagic resistanceminor globe of invulnerabilitylightmass suggestionMelf's acid arrowneutralize poisonpoisonprayerprotection from evilprotection from goodraise deadremove blindnessremove curseremove fearremove paralysisrepulsionresistancerestorationresurrectionshieldshield of faithshocking graspsilencesearing lightsee invisibilityslay livingsleepslowspiritual weaponstinking cloudtrue seeingvampiric touchweb


BeshabaCegiluneClangeddin SilverbeardCorellonCyricDumathoinGorm GulthynGrumbarGruumshHaela BrightaxeHanseathHextorJuiblexKelemvorKossuthOberonOlidammaraOghmaLathanderLolthLoviatarMoanderMoradinMyrkulMystraRammanSharSharindlarShaundakulTalonaTormTyrVelsharoon


Food and drink
aleelven nectarmeadwine
Precious stones
barleybeechblueglow mossironwoodjasmine (plant)
Aasirak's Book of Dancing DeadClerics' Tome of TruthsDraude's Illustrated Codex MaleficusDrow Spinnan TrisagionRanman's MeditationsSong of FaerûnSorcerers' Cyclopedia IlluminatiThe Mad Worship of Juiblex, God of Slime, the Ancient God of the Underdark
adamantinecarrion crawler brain juiceplatinumurghosh


A novel based on the game, written by Carrie Bebris, was published by Wizards of the Coast and also included with the collector's edition of the game.




  1. The Year of the Gauntlet is named in the game's intro cinematic, also stating it takes place 10 years after the Pool of Radiance (game).

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