Porphyrys Cadorna was briefly the head of the Council of Ten in Phlan in 1340 DR.[1]


Porphyrys was born as the son of Eugenia Cadorna, once master of the Cadorna cloth merchants. In his youth, after he escaped from Phlan following Tyranthraxus's invasion, Eugenia always told his son about their lost fortunes.[1]

When Phlan was rebuilt, Porphyrys quickly went back to the city and soon became one of the Councilmen of the new Council of Ten.[1]

In 1340 DR, he devised a complex plot in order to regain the powers once possessed by the Cadorna family and even more. He hired an adventuring party to act as his minions, performing various missions against the monsters that infested the city. This earned him political power inside the Council. Meanwhile, he started to become obsessed by the pool of radiance.[1]

Porphyrys quickly rose to the position of First Councilman.[2] When the possessed dragon was finally defeated by the adventurers, Porphyrys Cadorna attempted to seize control of the pool, only to be possessed himself by Tyranthraxus, who forced him into the Pool, teleporting him to the plane it called home.[3]


Under his smiling facade, Porphyrys was an individual who was grasping, venal, and obsessed with the idea of achieving the glory his family once held. He always blamed others for his and his family's failures.[1]




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