Port Ghaast was a large city in Murghôm.[1]


Situated along the western bank of the River Ghaast and the coast of Brightstar Lake, Port Ghaast was a prime military location for incursions into neighboring Semphar.[1]


Three distinct sections dominated the city. The mercenaries were quartered outside of the city walls. Regular army soldiers were quartered in guard towers that kept a close watch on the mercenaries after the Sell-Sword Rebellion that occurred during the 1330's DR.[1]


Port Ghaast was originally a small town used to ship lumber harvested from the Shalhoond. It wasn't until the king decided to invade Semphar, and chose to launch the invasion from Port Ghaast, that the city began to develop as a fortress with proper fortifications.[1]


Port Ghaast supported 4,000 troops in their regular army and kept another 3,000—5,000 mercenaries close by.[1]


Port Ghaast was populated by regular citizens and a fair share of mercenaries, making it a rough place to live. Most of the population practiced Muhjari law, but the mercenaries flouted these laws at every opportunity, paving the way for frequent clashes and brawls.[1]



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