An active portal.

Portals were permanent teleporation effects that linked many places in and outside Toril, including other planes.[1] The devices riddled Toril, easily numbering in the thousands, though by the 14th century DR no one was ever able to determine the exact number of active portals, even in Faerûn alone.[citation needed]

A freestanding archway of some kind usually identified the location of a portal, so those who could not detect magical auras did not stumble into them accidentally. The portal itself was completely intangible.[1]


The elfgates were portals that could teleport things to and from Evermeet.

Elion to Evereska
One side of this gate was on a hill about a mile above the palace of Seiveril Miritar near Elion in northern Evermeet. It was in a broad glade and consisted of three old stone markers.[2] The other side was a plaza in Evereska.[3]
Moonwood to Evereska
The Evereskan side of this gate lay high in the northern Shaeradim surrounding Evereska, and consisted of a stone marker covered in Espruar runes beside a waterfall beneath a stone cliff. The other side of the gate linked to a northerly outpost of Sharrven before it became a ruin.[4]

Bakhara SpiresEdit

Main article: Bakhara Spires

These were teleportation spires created by the Imaskari.

Elemental vorticesEdit

Elemental vortices were pathways connecting elemental planes with one another[5] or the Prime Material Plane[6].

Time gatesEdit

Much rarer than normal portals, a few time gates existed throughout Faerûn. They were physically similar to other portals, but transported an individual not through space, but into a different time.[7]


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