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Deities in the Forgotten Realms

The gods worshiped by the regular people of Faerûn and elsewhere on Toril, its monsters, and even its lesser deities are the subject of many sourcebooks, and this section aims to provide information regarding the deities themselves, their churches, their pantheons, and their followers.

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Waukeen was the goddess of commerce for much of the continent of Faerûn. She was known as the Merchant's Friend for her guiding hand in all forms of commerce (legal and otherwise); as Liberty's Maiden for her support of free and fair trade through honest bargaining based on supply and demand; and as the Golden Lady for her unabashed belief in the accumulation of wealth and, most importantly, the use of those riches to improve civilization for everyone. She was a relatively young deity, driven to accomplish her goals quickly and completely so she could move on to the next one. This impatient streak often led her to try alternate methods when "business as usual" resulted in an impasse, and manifested itself in her church which sometimes let the ends justify the means.

Her stubbornness likely led to her downfall during the Time of Troubles when she, like almost every other deity in the Faerûnian pantheon, was cast down to Toril and forced to inhabit the Prime Material Plane in avatar form. She joined up with Lliira and hatched a plan to get back to her realm in the Outlands, first by attempting to bribe Helm, who was guarding the Celestial Staircase, and then by striking a bargain with an archfiend of the Abyss, Lord Graz'zt. Unable to leave Toril in divine form, she temporarily bequeathed her divinity and portfolio to Lliira, only to be betrayed by Graz'zt and held prisoner for twelve years. During her long absence, not even Lliira knew her whereabouts and the church of Waukeen began to decline rapidly.

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There are many ways of classifying deities, so you can view deities by different criteria such as alignment, domain or power level.


Lawful goodLawful neutralLawful evilNeutral goodTrue neutralNeutral evilChaotic goodChaotic neutralChaotic evil




Divine rankGreaterIntermediateLesserDemipower

The Pantheons of Faerûn, circa 1374 DR

For most of the major races in the Forgotten Realms there is an entire pantheon of deities, ranging from the all-powerful greater deities to the minor and lesser deities. This arrangement of the deities reflects the early years of the Era of Upheaval, after the Time of Troubles but before the Spellplague.

Ao the Overgod

Human pantheons

Major Faerûnian deities


Other Faerûnian deities

AkadiAurilBeshabaDeneirEldathFinderGaragosGargauthGrumbarGwaeron WindstromHoarIstishiaJergalLliiraLoviatarLurueMililNobanionRed KnightSavrasSharessShialliaSiamorpheTalonaTiamatUbtaoUlutiuValkurVelsharoon

Kara-Turan pantheon

Ai Ch'ingChan ChengCh'en HsiangChih ShihFa KuanHsing YongKwan YingMad MonkeyNung ChiangShu ChiaThe Celestial Emperor

Maztican pantheon


Mulhorandi pantheon


Zakharan pantheon

BalaHajamaHakiyahHakuJarmikJauharJisanKorLost OneNajmRagarraSelanShajarThasmudyanVataqatalZann

Demihuman and humanoid pantheons

Drow pantheon


Dwarven pantheon

AbbathorBerronar TruesilverClangeddin SilverbeardDeep DuerraDugmaren BrightmantleDumathoinGorm GulthynHaela BrightaxeLaduguerMarthammor DuinMoradinSharindlarThard HarrVergadain

Elven pantheon

Aerdrie FaenyaAngharradhCorellon LarethianDeep SashelasErevan IlesereFenmarel MestarineHanali CelanilLabelas EnorethRillifane RallathilSehanine MoonbowShevarashSolonor Thelandira

Gnome pantheon

Baervan WildwandererBaravar CloakshadowCallarduran SmoothhandsFlandal SteelskinGaerdal IronhandGarl GlittergoldSegojan EarthcallerUrdlen

Halfling pantheon

ArvoreenBrandobarisCyrrollaleeSheela PeryroylUrogalanYondalla

Orc pantheon


Monster pantheons

Draconic pantheon


Giant pantheon

GrolantorHiateaIallanisMemnorOtheaSkoraeus StonebonesStronmaus

Other monster deities

BaphometBlibdoolpoolpEadroFaceless GodKar'r'rgaKurtulmakMerrshaulkPersanaRamenosTrishinaVaprak

Dead deities

AmaunatorAuppenserBhaalChronosElikarashaeGilgeamIbrandulIyachtu XvimKiputyttoLeiraMoanderMurdaneMyrkulRammanReRelkath of the Infinite BranchesTchazzarTycheZinzerena

The Divine Dominions of Toril, circa 1479 DR

The entire cosmology of Toril was transformed during the Spellplague, the World Tree was uprooted and the divine dominions began to float in the Astral Sea. The Fiendish planes scattered as well, and the Elemental planes collapsed into the Elemental Chaos. Some dominions suffered or were destroyed, some prospered, and others merged as the deities that called them home united against the devastating upheaval.

Ao the Overgod

The Astral Sea


Corellon Larethian & his exarchs Deep SashelasErevan IlesereFenmarel MestarineLabelas EnorethShevarashSolonor ThelandiraAngharradhGarl Glittergold & his exarchs Baervan WildwandererBaravar CloakshadowCallarduran Smoothhands


Bane & his exarchs AbbathorFzoul ChembrylHoarHruggekMaglubiyetLoviatarTiamat



The Deep Wilds

Silvanus & his exarch MalarAurilMielikki & her exarch ShialliaUmberlee

The Demonweb Pits


The Dismal Caverns



Moradin & his exarchs Clangeddin SilverbeardDugmaren BrightmantleMarthammor DuinThard HarrVergadainBerronar Truesilver

Eternal Sun

Amaunator & his exarch SiamorpheWaukeen

The Fugue Plane

Kelemvor & his exarch Jergal

Gates of the Moon

SelûneSune & her exarchs LliiraSharessTymora

Green Fields

ChaunteaSheela Peryroyl & and her exarchs ArvoreenBrandobarisCyrrollalee

House of Knowledge

Oghma & his exarch MililGond

The Nine Hells

Asmodeus & the archdevils


Gruumsh & his exarchs BahgtruObouldShargaasVaprakLuthic

The Supreme Throne

Cyric (imprisoned)

Towers of Night


Warrior's Rest

Tempus & his exarchs GaragosRed KnightUthgarValkurBeshaba

The Elemental Chaos

Annam All-FatherMemnorGrolantorSkoraeus StonebonesSurtrThrym

Past deities

Subsumed Deities

Lathander to Amaunator • Talos to Gruumsh • Aerdrie Faenya to Akadi • Hanali Celanil to Sune • Sehanine Moonbow to Selûne • Yondalla to Chauntea

Missing Deities

Even the most learned scholars can only speculate on what has become of the following deities since the Spellplague. Some may have been aspects of other deities and have since been subsumed, others may have been transplanted to Abeir, others still may be in hiding and have yet to make their planned return.
DeneirEldathFinderShaundakulGargauthGwaeron WindstromLurueNobanionUbtaoUlutiuRillifane RallathilUrogalanDumathoinSharindlarFlandal SteelskinGaerdal IronhandSegojan EarthcallerUrdlenIlnevalYurtrus

Dead Deities

Recent: AzuthEilistraeeHelmMaskMystraSavrasTyrVelsharoonDeep DuerraGorm GulthynHaela BrightaxeLaduguerKiaransaleeSelvetarmVhaeraun
Ancient: AuppenserBhaalElikarashaeGilgeamIbrandulIyachtu XvimKiputyttoLeiraMoanderMurdaneMyrkulRammanReRelkath of the Infinite BranchesTchazzarTycheZinzerena