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History of Abeir-Toril

From the earliest days to the present age, the history of the Forgotten Realms is exciting, rich in detail and totally engrossing. Take a trip into the past, whether it's thousands and thousands of years, or just yesterday.

Major events

These significant, world-wide events had a major impact on the Realms and form part of common knowledge through Abeir-Toril.


Throughout the history of the Forgotten Realms, armies have clashed on countless occasions and blood has been spilt virtually everywhere across the globe. These are the more notable conflicts.

Crown Wars (c. -12000 to −9000 DR)
OverviewFirst Crown WarSecond Crown WarThird Crown WarFourth Crown WarFifth Crown War
A series of wars between the elves spanning around 3000 years.
Goblin War (1370—1371 DR)
In which the orcs and goblins of Nalavarauthatoryl attacked Cormyr.
Weeping War (711—714 DR)
In which the elves of Myth Drannor fell to the demonic army of the Trio Nefarious.
Origins of life

Most sages agree that the five creator races were responsible for all life on Abeir-Toril. Find out more about the earliest life forms and their creators.


The recorded history of the known world is split into ages, each a distinct and fascinating period of its own.

Days of Thunder
Timeline : −35,000 DR to −30,000 DR
Dawn Age
Timeline : −30,000 DR to −24,000 DR
First Flowering
Timeline : −24,000 DR to −12,000 DR
Crown Wars
Timeline : −12,000 DR to −9000 DR
The Founding Time
Timeline : −9000 DR to −3000 DR
Age of Humanity
Timeline : −3000 DR to 1358 DR
Era of Upheaval
Timeline : 1358 DR to present