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Forgotten Realms Books

Many novels spanning several decades provide a deeply rich background material for the Forgotten Realms. They tell tales about every aspect of the culture and peoples of the world.


There are various ways of viewing the entire collection of Forgotten Realms novels:

Featured novel
Bury Elminster Deep
Bury Elminster Deep is the second book in Ed Greenwood's Sage of Shadowdale series, and was first released in August 2011.

Elminster's archenemy, the vampiric Lord Manshoon, thinks he has destroyed Elminster at last. But Elminster survives in the form of magical ash, and with the help of his scion, a fop who is growing into a true nobleman, and his longtime companion Storm, he still has a chance to counter Manshoon's insidious plots.


Novels by series, in alphabetical order. Within each series, novels are in reading order. Some novels exist in more than one series. Anthologies: Realms of ValorRealms of InfamyRealms of MagicRealms of the UnderdarkRealms of the ArcaneRealms of MysteryRealms of the DeepRealms of ShadowThe Best of the RealmsRealms of the DragonsRealms of the Dragons IIThe Best of the Realms IIRealms of the ElvesThe Best of the Realms IIIThe Best of the Realms IVRealms of WarRealms of the DeadUntold Adventures
Abolethic Sovereignty: Plague of SpellsCity of TormentKey of Stars
Avatar series: ShadowdaleTantrasWaterdeepPrince of LiesCrucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad
Baldur's Gate series: Baldur's GateBaldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnBaldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal
Blades of the Moonsea: SwordmageCorsairAvenger
Brimstone Angels: Brimstone AngelsLesser EvilsThe AdversaryFire in the BloodAshes of the Tyrant
Brotherhood of the Griffon: The Captive FlameWhisper of VenomThe Spectral BlazeThe Masked WitchesProphet of the Dead
Chosen Heirs: Death Masks
Chosen of Nendawen: The Fall of HighwatchHand of the HunterCry of the Ghost Wolf
Citadels: NeversfallObsidian RidgeThe Shield of Weeping GhostsSentinelspire
Cities: The City of RavensTemple HillThe Jewel of TurmishThe City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel
Cleric Quintet: CanticleIn Sylvan ShadowsNight MasksThe Fallen FortressThe Chaos Curse
Companions Codex: The CompanionsNight of the HunterRise of the KingVengeance of the Iron Dwarf
Cormyr saga: Cormyr: A NovelBeyond the High RoadDeath of the Dragon
Counselor & Kings: The MagehoundThe FloodgateThe Wizardwar
Dark Elf trilogy: HomelandExileSojourn
Double Diamond Triangle saga: The AbductionThe PaladinsThe MercenariesErrand of MercyAn Opportunity for ProfitConspiracyUneasy AlliancesEasy BetrayalsThe Diamond
Druidhome trilogy: Prophet of MoonshaeThe Coral KingdomThe Druid Queen
Dungeons: The Depths of MadnessThe Howling DelveStardeepCrypt of the Moaning Diamond
Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep: MistshoreBlackstaff TowerDownshadow City of the DeadThe God CatcherCircle of Skulls
Elminster series: Elminster: The Making of a MageElminster in Myth DrannorThe Temptation of ElminsterElminster in HellElminster's Daughter
Empires: HorselordsDragonwallCrusade
Empyrean Odyssey: The Gossamer PlainThe Fractured SkyThe Crystal Mountain
Erevis Cale trilogy: Twilight FallingDawn of NightMidnight's Mask
Fighters: Master of ChainsGhostwalkerSon of ThunderBladesinger
Finder's Stone trilogy: Azure BondsThe Wyvern's SpurSong of the Saurials
Harpers: The Parched SeaElfshadowRed MagicThe Night ParadeThe Ring of WinterCrypt of the ShadowkingSoldiers of IceElfsongCrown of FireMasqueradesCurse of the ShadowmageThe Veiled DragonSilver ShadowsStormlightFinder's BaneThornhold
Haunted Land: UncleanUndeadUnholy
Homecoming: ArchmageMaestroHero
House of Serpents: Venom's TasteViper's KissVanity's Brood
Hunter's Blades trilogy: The Thousand OrcsThe Lone DrowThe Two Swords
Icewind Dale trilogy: The Crystal ShardStreams of SilverThe Halfling's Gem
Jack Ravenwild: The City of RavensPrince of Ravens
Knights of Myth Drannor: Swords of EveningstarSwords of DragonfireThe Sword Never Sleeps
Lady Penitent: Sacrifice of the WidowStorm of the DeadAscendancy of the Last
Last Mythal: Forsaken HouseFarthest ReachFinal Gate
Legend of Drizzt: HomelandExileSojournThe Crystal ShardStreams of SilverThe Halfling's GemThe LegacyStarless NightSiege of DarknessPassage to DawnThe Silent BladeThe Spine of the WorldThe Sea of SwordsThe Thousand OrcsThe Lone DrowThe Two Swords
Legacy of the Drow: The LegacyStarless NightSiege of DarknessPassage to Dawn
Lost Empires: The Lost Library of CormanthyrFaces of DeceptionStar of CursrahThe Nether Scroll
Lost Gods: Finder's BaneTymora's Luck
Maztica trilogy: IronhelmViperhandFeathered Dragon
Moonshae trilogy: Darkwalker on MoonshaeBlack WizardsDarkwell
Mysteries: Murder in CormyrMurder in TarsisMurder in Halruaa
Netheril trilogy: Sword PlayDangerous GamesMortal Consequences
Neverwinter Saga: GauntlgrymNeverwinterCharon's ClawThe Last Threshold
Nobles: King PinchWar in TethyrEscape from UndermountainThe Mage in the Iron MaskThe Council of BladesThe Simbul's Gift
Paths of Darkness: The Silent BladeThe Spine of the WorldServant of the ShardThe Sea of Swords
Planetouched: Unbroken Chain
Pools trilogy: Pool of RadiancePools of DarknessPool of Twilight
Priests: Lady of PoisonMistress of the NightMaiden of PainQueen of the Depths
Return of the Archwizards: The SummoningThe SiegeThe Sorcerer
Rogues: The Alabaster StaffThe Black BouquetThe Crimson GoldThe Yellow Silk
Sage of Shadowdale: Elminster Must DieBury Elminster DeepElminster EnragedThe HeraldSpellstorm
Scions of Arrabar: The Sapphire CrescentThe Ruby GuardianThe Emerald Scepter
Sellswords: Servant of the ShardPromise of the Witch-KingRoad of the Patriarch
Sembia: The Halls of StormweatherShadow's WitnessThe Shattered MaskBlack WolfHeirs of ProphecySands of the SoulLord of Stormweather
Shadow of the Avatar: Shadows of DoomCloak of ShadowsAll Shadows Fled
Shadowbane: ShadowbaneEye of Justice
Shandril's Saga: SpellfireCrown of FireHand of Fire
Songs & Swords: ElfshadowElfsongSilver ShadowsThornholdThe Dream Spheres
Starlight and Shadows: Daughter of the DrowTangled WebsWindwalker
Stone of Tymora: The StowawayThe ShadowmaskThe Sentinels
Sundering: The CompanionsThe GodbornThe AdversaryThe ReaverThe SentinelThe Herald
Sword of the Gods: Sword of the GodsSpinner of Lies
Threat from the Sea trilogy: Rising TideUnder Fallen StarsThe Sea Devil's Eye
Transitions: The Orc KingThe Pirate KingThe Ghost King
Twilight Giants: The Ogre's PactThe Giant Among UsThe Titan of Twilight
Twilight War trilogy: ShadowbredShadowstormShadowrealm
War of the Spider Queen: DissolutionInsurrectionCondemnationExtinctionAnnihilationResurrection
Watercourse trilogy: Whisper of WavesLies of LightScream of Stone
Wilds: The Fanged CrownThe Restless ShoreThe Edge of ChaosWrath of the Blue Lady
Wizards: BlackstaffBloodwalkDarkvisionFrostfell
Year of Rogue Dragons: The RageThe RiteThe Ruin

Standalone novels: Cold Steel and SecretsDawnbringerEvermeet: Island of ElvesThe Glass PrisonThe Gilded RuneOnce Around the RealmsPool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth DrannorThe Rose of SarifalSandstormThe Shadow StoneSilverfall: Stories of the Seven SistersSpider and StoneThe Darker RoadVenom in Her Veins