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All the various sourcebooks and boxed sets from the Forgotten Realms setting across all editions of the D&D game. For convenience, publications such as software (not games—see list of video games) and maps are also included here.


For a complete list of TSR products, see TSR product list. Alternatively, there are various ways of viewing the entire collection of Forgotten Realms sourcebooks:

Featured sourcebook
Elves of Evermeet: For many years, Evermeet has remained a mystery, known only as the elves' place of refuge. So far, details about the island itself, its geography, rulers, and society have been sketchy. It is known that Evermeet is protected by illusory magic, that ships lose their way or vanish mysteriously if they approach the isle, and that the elven navy is the finest in the Realms. Past publications have also revealed that Evermeet is ruled by Queen Amlaruil, and that her husband Zaor was murdered decades ago. Beyond this, little is known.

All sourcebooks, adventures, boxed sets and other products sorted by edition, then alphabetically.

1st edition

Blood of the YakuzaBloodstone PassThe Bloodstone WarsCity SystemDesert of DesolationDreams of the Red WizardsEmpires of the SandsForgotten Realms Campaign SetKara-Tur: The Eastern RealmsLords of DarknessMad Monkey vs the Dragon ClawThe MagisterThe Mines of BloodstoneMoonshaeNight of the Seven SwordsOchimo: The Spirit WarriorRuins of AdventureThe Savage FrontierSwords of the DaimyoSwords of the Iron LegionThe Throne of BloodstoneTreasure HuntUnder IllefarnWaterdeep and the North

2nd edition

The Accursed TowerAnaurochAurora's Whole Realms CatalogueBlack CourserBlood ChargeThe Bloodstone LandsBook of LairsCalimportCastle SpulzeerCities of MysteryCity of GoldThe City of Ravens BluffCity of SplendorsThe City of Waterdeep Trail MapCloak & DaggerThe Code of the HarpersCormanthyr: Empire of the ElvesCormyrCult of the DragonCurse of the Azure BondsThe DalelandsDemihuman DeitiesDemihumans of the RealmsDoom of DaggerdaleDraconomiconDrizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the UnderdarkThe Drow of the UnderdarkThe Dungeon of DeathDwarves DeepElminster's EcologiesElminster's Ecologies Appendix IElminster's Ecologies Appendix IIEndless ArmiesElves of EvermeetEmpires of the Shining SeaFaiths & AvatarsThe Fall of Myth DrannorFires of ZatalFor Duty & DeityForgotten Realms AdventuresThe Forgotten Realms AtlasForgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd editionForgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd edition (revised)Forgotten Realms ConspectusForgotten Realms Interactive AtlasFour from CormyrGateway to Ravens Bluff, the Living CityGiantcraftGold & GloryThe Great GlacierThe Great Khan GameHall of HeroesHalls of the High KingHaunted Halls of EveningstarHellgate KeepHeroes' LorebookThe HordeHorde CampaignHordes of DragonspearHow the Mighty Are FallenInside Ravens Bluff, the Living CityThe Jungles of ChultKara-Tur Trail MapKidnappedLands of IntrigueMarco Volo: ArrivalMarco Volo: DepartureMarco Volo: JourneyMaztica Campaign SetMenzoberranzanMonstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix (MC3)Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix (MC11)Monstrous Compendium Kara-Tur AppendixThe MoonseaNetheril: Empire of MagicNightmare KeepNightwatch in the Living CityNinja WarsThe NorthOld EmpiresPages from the MagesPirates of the Fallen StarsPlayer's Guide to the Forgotten Realms CampaignPool of Radiance: Attack on Myth DrannorPort of Ravens BluffPowers & PantheonsPrayers from the FaithfulRealmspaceThe Return of Randal MornRonin ChallengeThe Ruins of Myth DrannorThe Ruins of UndermountainThe Ruins of Undermountain II: The Deep LevelsRuins of Zhentil KeepSea of Fallen StarsThe Secret of SpiderhauntSecret PasswordSecrets of the MagisterThe Seven SistersShadowdaleThe Shining SouthSkullportSpellboundStorm RidersThe Sword of the DalesTantrasTest of the SamuraiUndermountain: Maddgoth's CastleUndermountain: StardockUndermountain: The Lost LevelThe Vilhon ReachVillains' LorebookVolo's Guide to All Things MagicalVolo's Guide to Baldur's Gate IIVolo's Guide to CormyrVolo's Guide to the DalelandsVolo's Guide to the NorthVolo's Guide to the Sword CoastVolo's Guide to WaterdeepWarriors and Priests of the RealmsWaterdeepWhat is the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Anyway?Wizards and Rogues of the RealmsWyrmskull Throne

2nd edition Al-Qadim

A Dozen and One AdventuresArabian AdventuresAssassin MountainCaravansCities of BoneCity of DelightsThe Complete Sha'ir's HandbookCorsairs of the Great SeaGolden VoyagesLand of FateMonstrous Compendium Al-Qadim AppendixReunionRuined KingdomsSecrets of the Lamp

3rd edition

City of the Spider QueenFaiths and PantheonsForgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd editionInto the Dragon's LairLords of DarknessMagic of FaerûnMonster Compendium: Monsters of FaerûnRaces of FaerûnSilver MarchesUnapproachable EastUnderdark

3.5 edition

Anauroch: The Empire of ShadeChampions of RuinChampions of ValorCity of Splendors: WaterdeepCormyr: The Tearing of the WeaveDragons of FaerûnExpedition to UndermountainGhostwalkThe Grand History of the RealmsLost Empires of FaerûnMysteries of the MoonseaPlayer's Guide to FaerûnPower of FaerûnSerpent KingdomsShadowdale: The Scouring of the LandShining SouthSons of GruumshThe Twilight Tomb

3.5 edition Legacy of the Green Regent

Book KnowledgeDark ExodusDenial of ResourceA Difference of OpinionDungeon of the HarkEpidemicExterminationFeast of the MoonGrey HuntThe Howling of a Mighty StormHumilityIn Cold BloodKey to Phantoms' CloisterNurture NatureRat's BastardThe Ruins of KarseAs Seconds Slip AwaySecret of Phantoms' CloisterTour of DutyTyrannyUnder High Lord's HallUndermountain

4th edition

Council of SpidersThe Elder Elemental EyeForgotten Realms Campaign GuideForgotten Realms Player's GuideKeep on the ShadowfellLost Crown of NeverwinterMenzoberranzan: City of IntrigueNeverwinter Campaign SettingScepter Tower of SpellgardSearch for the Diamond StaffStorm Over NeverwinterUnderdarkUndermountain: Halaster's Lost ApprenticeWar of Everlasting DarknessWeb of the Spider Queen

5th edition

Acquisitions IncorporatedBaldur's Gate: Descent into AvernusCandlekeep MysteriesConfrontation at CandlekeepCurse of StrahdDead in ThayDungeons & Dragons Essentials KitDungeons & Dragons Starter SetElemental Evil Player's CompanionGhosts of Dragonspear CastleHoard of the Dragon QueenIcewind Dale: Rime of the FrostmaidenLegacy of the Crystal ShardLocathah RisingMurder in Baldur's GateOut of the AbyssPrinces of the ApocalypseReturn to the GloryThe Rise of TiamatScourge of the Sword CoastStorm King's ThunderSword Coast Adventurer's GuideTales from the Yawning PortalTomb of AnnihilationThe Tortle PackageVan Richten's Guide to RavenloftVault of the DracolichVolo's Guide to MonstersWaterdeep: Dragon HeistWaterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad MageThe Wild Beyond the WitchlightXanathar's Guide to Everything