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The Poscadar elves, or Poscadari, were a group of bronze-skinned elves living in the Pasocada Basin.[1]


The Poscadar elves lived in the rocky brush deserts of the Pasocada Basin north of the Long Canyon and the Pasocada River.[1]

The Azuposi settlement of Elfmeet, which was built on the edge of a canyon, was a favored place for the Poscadar elves to go to trade.[2]


The Poscadari were nomads, following and hunting the herds of wild animals. They were friendly to the Azuposi and often traded with them.[1]


The Poscadari believed that they were created by the gods in a land of perpetual snow and ice, but a mighty shaman led them south where they first met and traded with the ancestors of the Azuposi.[1]

There were rumors that the ancestors of the Poscadari built Esh Alakar and its accompanying bridge. However, the elves were silent on the matter.[2]



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