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Potato, also known as batata, was a type of tuber vegetable found in the Realms.[1]

Just look at the size o' these potatoes! Mashed, baked, or tossed in a stew, you'll love 'em!
— Overheard in the market of Daggerford[3].


Maztican potatoes were claimed to be superior to the roots of the same name that were available in northern Faerûn, growing larger and firmer and staying fresh longer.[1]

Rootstocks sold via Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue could be used to start a garden in almost any location, since the roots grew well even in poor conditions.[1]


Potatoes were an ingredient in activating the rust-removing powers of bathaerel powder.[4]


Places in the Realms where potatoes were known to be produced included:

Beyond Faerûn[]

Beyond Toril[]

Potato Products[]

The only limit to a potato recipe is the cook's imagination.[2]

Notable Users of Potatoes[]


  • It was quite common for inns of average quality in the Realms to serve potatoes, alongside other vegetables, in pottage as the second part of a four-course meal. More rural or impoverished establishments would often serve diced and spiced potatoes alongside sausages.[21]
  • Waukeen's Rest inn in the Western Heartlands served potato porridge, potato wedges fried in pork fat, and creamy potato mash sprinkled with black pepper and nutmeg.[2]

Races & Sentient Creatures[]

  • Potatoes were a staple crop for surface-dwelling gnomes, who were often found farming them.[22]


  • The planet Garden was said to resemble the roots of a young potato freshly extracted from its soil.[23]


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