Potions of healing were magic potions that healed the wounds of creatures who drank them.[1][2]


Regardless of its potency, a potion of healing was a red liquid that shimmered when agitated within its vial.[1][2]

The potions typically had a pleasant scent of honey and orange blossoms.[5]


Upon drinking a potion of healing, some of a creature's wounds healed within seconds.[1] There were several different types of potions of healing, which varied mostly by the intensity of their curative power.[2]

Any variety of potion of healing could be brewed by anyone skilled with the use of a herbalism kit,[1] even if the brewer did not have any magical ability, provided the raw materials were available. Brewing times varied, as well as cost: the simplest potions of healing took merely a day to brew, while the potent potion of supreme healing took almost a month and was substantially more expensive to produce.[6]


In the late 15th century DR, potions of healing and potions of greater healing produced by the wood elf druid Fala Lefaliir were available for purchase at Corellon's Crown, a store located in Trollskull Alley in the North Ward of Waterdeep.[3]



  1. Potions of greater healing were sometimes referred to as potions of extra healing

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