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A potion of invisibility was a potion that allowed the imbiber to become invisible for a limited time.[7]


The fluid of these very rare potions was invisible, but still had weight. Without holding the bottle containing the fluid, the bottle would look empty, but this was quickly disregarded if held.[7]

If the potion was consumed, the imbiber would become invisible for a single hour. However, the effect of this potion would end early if the consumer attacked in any way.[7]


Places and individuals in the Realms one could purchase potions of invisibility from included the following establishments:


Potions of invisibility were considered to be a crutch for bad thieves and cowardly paladins.[6]

Notable Owners[]



  1. The Dungeon Master's Guide of 2nd edition and the Encyclopedia Magica Volume III both list different prices for this item, so the prices of both are provided together as a range. The listed weight on the other hand, is sourced solely from the video game Baldur's Gate.



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