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Potions of longevity were magical potions that reduced the drinker's age by a number of years, potentially extending their lifespan.[2]


A potion of longevity was an amber-colored liquid. An examination from outside its sealed vial revealed a number of objects suspended in the liquid: a scorpion's tail, an adder's fang, a dead spider, and a still-beating heart. Upon opening the vial, the suspended objects disappeared.[2]


When a creature drank a potion of longevity, its age was reduced by between 7 and 12 years. The potion could not make an individual return to an age less than 13 years old.[2]

Repeated use of potions of longevity was dangerous, however. After each subsequent use, there was a small but growing risk that the potion might instead increase the drinker's age. After the tenth use, age reduction became impossible and the potion could only make the drinker older.[2]


It was rumored that the long age of Ahghairon was due either to his finding a cache of potions of longevity or to having developed the ability to brew his own.[3]

By 1362 DR Maligor, the Zulkir of Alteration in Thay has been brewing and consuming his own version of the potions of longevity for decades prolonging his life. The liquid of his creation was pale, pearly green and quite viscous. Consuming the potion caused the drinker tremendous pain burning them from the inside. The result was arguably worth it as it made the drinker younger by decades.[4]

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