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A potion of resistance was a type of potion that gave its imbiber resistance to a certain type of damage.


Potions of fire resistance felt chill to the touch and the insides of the bottles were coated with a layer of frost.[9]

Potions of lightning resistance had liquid that was thick and blue, as well as a smell slightly reminiscent of ozone. Some were packaged within ornate bottles shaped to look as though they were made of clouds.[10]


Potions of resistance came in ten different forms (fire, cold, acid, lightning, force, thunder, radiant, necrotic, poison and psychic), such as that which granted resistance to fire was known as a potion of fire resistance. The effect of these potions lasted for an hour.[8]


Places and individuals in the Realms one could purchase potions of resistance from included the following establishments:


Some materials known to be used in crafting potions of fire resistance included asbestos and glacial ice.[1]

Notable Owners[]

Potions of poison resistance were popular among politicians and adventurers of the Realms.[9]



  1. The Dungeon Master's Guide of 2nd edition and the Encyclopedia Magica Volume III list different prices for the potion of fire resistance, so both prices are provided together as a range. The values for the potion of cold resistance are sourced from the Encyclopedia Magica Volume III and the video game Baldur's Gate. The weight is sourced solely from Baldur's Gate.


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