Potions of water breathing were magical potions that temporarily allowed the user to breathe underwater.[1]


The liquid that composed a potion of water breathing was cloudy green and smelled like seawater.[1] It tasted of salt and kelp[3] and displayed a single bubble floating on it that resembled a jellyfish.[1]


Upon drinking a potion of water breathing, the user gained the power to breathe underwater for the duration of one hour.[1] A similar potion, cordial of water breathing was identical to a potion of water breathing, except the effects of the potion lasted 24 hours.[4]

Additionally, the potion rendered the imbiber immune to the crushing weight of extreme watery depths.[3]


In the late 15th century DR, potions of water breathing were sold at Corellon's Crown, an herbalism shop in Trollskull Alley in the North Ward of Waterdeep, run by the wood elf Fala Lefaliir.[2]




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