Power word, banishment was a spell unique to Halruaa.[1]


This spell allowed the caster to banish a single extra-planar creature, forcing it back to its native plane. The caster could not use this spell on himself or herself.[1]

If the caster could see the creature, then the spell took effect instantly when the power word was uttered, usually the name of the creature's home plane. A banished creature could not return to the plane it was banished from unless a special summoning occurred. This spell was much more powerful than the banishment spell.[1]

The spell could fail against a creature's magical resistance. If the caster uttered the wrong name of the creature's home plane, or if the creature was too powerful to be banished, then the spell would backfire on the caster, usually sending them to the named plane instead. The caster had a chance to resist the spell's backfire, at which point they would be dazed for several minutes.[1]

Successfully casting this spell prevented the caster for casting any other spells for one full minute.[1]


This spell did not require physical components to cast.[1]


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