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Power word, kill, formerly known as Xanad's killer,[1] was a powerful conjuration spell that instantly killed one target creature.[6][3][2]

Aramil issued a long, heroic challenge, then the lich felled him with a single word.[11]


After the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the spell was able to instantly slay a single living creature in close range, under a certain, high degree of health, whether they could hear it not. Creatures more robust were unharmed.[3]

The post–Second Sundering version of the spell could still kill a single creature instantly, provided it was not extremely powerful.[2]


The spell required only a verbal component, the uttering of the power word itself.[3][2]


The spell was attributed to the Netherese arcanist Xanad in the Year of Fleeting Courage, −683 DR and was originally called Xanad's killer.[1]


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