Prastuil was the oldest city in Dambrath.[1]


The city was situated at the mouth of the Dolphin's Climb, where it emptied into the Bay of Dancing Dolphins. The city was protected from the harsh winter storms that ravaged southern Dambrath, making it an ideal place for ships to anchor for the season.[1]


Prastuil was said to be the most beautiful city in all of Dambrath. Splendidly rich villas could be found outside of the city proper.[1]

Armed ForcesEdit

A force of 1,000 elite cavalry protected the city. They were aided by numerous wizards and naval support from harboring ships.[1]


Prastuil's population of 30,000–50,000 was truly mixed, including crinti, gnolls, halflings, arkaiuns, drow, dwarves, and even a few Zakharans[1]

Warchief Herald Markin, a loyal servant of Duchess Merial Luenath, ruled Prastuil.[1]



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