Prayers from the Faithful is a sourcebook for the Forgotten Realms using the 2nd-edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. It details a number of holy books and relics of the Faerûnian pantheon.

Ever wonder why priesthoods in the Realms continue to flourish, despite the secular power of rich merchants and the land-shattering spells of the archmages?

The answer lies in the mighty spells heretofore kept concealed by the robed clery of the cloisters. These sacred spells are now revealed in these pages, drawn from legendary holy books presently "lost" on Faerûn. To read Prayers From the Faithful is to know holy awe and blessed fear at last!

Learn the long-suppressed secrets of:

  • Which gems to place into the eye sockets of the carved faces on Gorothir's Girdle to call forth deadly magics.
  • The hallowed album that was used to slay six dragons - and now bears the unblinking, preserved eye of one of them.
  • The divine tome that is a gem that served to lure and slay thieves for over 30 years.
  • Why it's dangerous to hold the Chanting Chain carelessly - and what wakens to its chants.

And much more! Prayers From the Faithful is an essential guide to the magic of priests in the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign world, and a useful aid to those portraying priests in any ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign.

Suitable for all levels of play.


  • Introduction
  • The Argyr
  • Balance of Belaros
  • The Black Blook
  • Book of Fangs and Talons
  • Chanting Chain
  • Flame of the Spirit
  • The Glarathra
  • Gorothir's Girdle
  • Helm of Helm
  • Key of Faith
  • Lash of Loviatar
  • Leaves of Green
  • Mask of Mysteries
  • Mighty Rune of the Master
  • The Moonweb
  • The Orglara
  • Sash of Sune
  • Scepter of Mystra
  • Silver Supplicant
  • Testament of Vraer
  • Tome of the Morning
  • Tome of Torment
  • Veloghon of Vigilance
  • Vorthryn's Archivir
  • Wythyndle's Round Book
  • Yornar's Trail Companion
  • Appendix I: Common Spells
  • Appendix II: Spell Index



alert vigilawakeningAzuth's alteration mantleAzuth's firing frenzyAzuth's immobilitybattle tridentbiting shadowblood lustbody bladesboon of fortuneboon of the godbreak limbcairncensurechain creationchant of fangscold handcontinual faerie firecontrol giant insectcrawling darknesscreate undead miniondark roaddarkfiredark waydeath dragondivine purposedoomtideelsewhere chantembattlementenchant phylacteryeverchanging selffaith armorfaith magic zonefalling wallfangs of retributionfind drinkable waterfire of justicefist of faithfist of Gondfloatfortunate fatefrost breathghost knightglyph of warding: Telathagoad of misfortunegreater creature of darknessgreater mantle of Mystraground tracehandcandlehandfirehard waterhealing handhold metalholy starice spikesIlmater's fistjaws of the wolfKelemvor's gracelaughing waterleaf into daggerlightning lanceloving painluremake realmantle of Mystramanythornsmaster runemessage motemight of Mystramirror vestmentsmissing wordmoonfiremoon risingmoon shieldmoss skullmultiple message moteomenpermanent lureplant renewalpurify selfrepairrestore runeretargetripen plantrosewatersacred strikesanctified markerscouring windsearing songseeking moteshield of the godslicing shadowslow boonsnow bootssong of healingsnow snakespectral manticorespectral stagspeeding tridentspell shieldstormragetenfold ironguardthreefold boontumblethornsundeath to deathunderstand deviceunicorn steedwailing whipsward of lightwarp and weavewater serpentwater wyvernwheat into bladewhip of woewhirlchainwhirlwavewindlanceword of bindingwrath of Torm


The ArgyrBalance of BelarosThe Black BookBook of Fangs and TalonsChanting ChainCrystrum of TranquilityFlame of the SpiritThe GlarathraGorothir's GirdleHelm of HelmKey of FaithLash of LoviatarLeaves of GreenMask of MysteriesMighty Rune of the MasterThe MoonwebThe OrglaraSash of SuneScepter of MystraSilver SupplicantTestament of VraerTome of the MorningVeloghon of VigilanceVorthryn's ArchivirWythyndle's Round BookVornar's Trail Companion
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