The Present Age was the time period that started in the year 1000 DR and continues to the present.[1][2]

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The Present Age was considered one of the most tumultuous ages in the history of Toril. It was a time of constant struggle[2] but also a time of discovery and exploration.[1]

During the first years of the Present Age, Faerûn reestablished trade with Kara-Tur and Zakhara, and the Great Glacier began to retreat, uncovering the realms of Vaasa and Damara. Later, the continent of Maztica was discovered by Amnians.[1] In 1358 DR the most cataclysmic period in Faerûn's history began with the calamitous events of the Time of Troubles and the start of the period known as the Era of Upheaval.[2][3]

In a period of less that one hundred fifty years, the world of Toril was nearly destroyed, shaken to its core.[2] The political landscape reflected the cosmic state of Realmspace,[4] and while its "reunion" with its long lost twin world, Abeir, was brief, its mark on Toril was significant and enduring,[3] leaving at least three new regions after it departed: Akanûl,[5] Tymanther[6] and Laerakond.[7]

The Present Age encompassed in the following time periods:

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  1. According to The Grand History of the Realms (page 29), the Age of Humanity lasted until the year 1000 DR, however the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (page 43) states that the Age of Humanity lasted until the year 1358 DR.

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