Prespur consisted of two islands in the Sea of Fallen Stars, in the same chain of islands as the Pirate Isles (though not considered part of them).[1]


On the larger of the two islands, the town of Palaggar was a garrison town, main port, and shipyard under the control of Cormyr's Blue Dragons. Uarhold, a town smaller than Palaggar, was under the control of Sembian freesails and served a similar purpose. They stood at opposite ends of the island and usually begrudged each other's presence, though Palaggar helped rebuild Uarhold after a merrow attack there in 1369 DR.[1]

The smaller island, Traitor's Isle, was unoccupied. The only site of interest was the Tower of Stars, created and used by Jorunhast Kingslayer, an exiled Royal Wizard of Cormyr. The island's coastline comprised jagged rocks and high cliffs, making travel here by boat extremely difficult and hazardous, with flight being the safest way onto the island.[1]



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