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Presto[1] the Magician, also called Preston,[2] was a young wizard and an apprentice of Elminster Aumar.[2]


A young Presto.

Presto was a budding adventurer with an aptitude for casting spells with a magical hat. He wore glasses and a long green robe, and had tatty auburn hair. Presto had a golden sash around his waist that fastened his robe and held a couple of pouches.[1]

When he was older, his appearance remained similar, but Presto had grown noticeable facial hair.[2]


Though intelligent, Presto had low self esteem. This caused him to become nervous, especially when casting magic or trying out something new.[1]


Being a competent wizard Presto could cast spells such as ice storm and wall of fire.[1]


His most well-known possession was the Hat of Many Spells, which generated random effects when used. It could be used to summon items and empower spells.[1]

Preston carried a significant amount of magical equipment, such as a wand of magic missiles and several potions. His gear was mostly magical. He wore a cloak of resistance, a headband of intellect, and a ring of protection.[1]


Presto was from Earth, but later became trapped in the Realm. He and his companions tried to get home to Earth, but constantly found themselves in trouble, particularly with Tiamat.[1]

In the mid–14th century DR, Presto and his friends made their way to Faerûn, seeking the great sage, Elminster. In the 1360s DR, Presto was taken on a grand tour across the Realms, and learned much of the history and geography of Faerûn.[2]

According to portraits on display in Athkatla's Adventurer Mart around 1369 DR, the group appeared to be finished, having unsuccessfully engaged in battle with the Dragon Queen Tiamat, upon which some of the group died, presumably eaten alive.[3] However, the portraits show them as youngsters although they were adults while meeting Elminster, which suggests they were mistakenly believed dead.[2]



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