Priador was the coastal tharch of Thay, along the coast of the Alamber Sea,[2] lying east of the city of Escalant.[3] It was one of the most prosperous regions of Thay during the 14th century DR, despite its wild and untamed landscape.[4]


The rolling plains and grasslands south of the First Escarpment served as home to a number of Red Wizard estates and holdings. Many of the Thayan mages kept unregulated preserves full of monstrous creatures that they used in their arcane experimentation and research. Travelers in the area had to cross the expanse of Priador at their own peril, as the Red Wizards were not responsible for the actions of their beasts.[4]


Priador was the most-recently founded tharch,[5] having been seized in 1357 DR during the Salamander War. Previously, the city of Bezantur was a tharch in its own right, but was subsequently incorporated into the greater Priador. The tharchioness of Bezantur, Mari Agneh, quickly established herself as leader of the expanse, but was quickly challenged by the zulkir of evocation, Aznar Thrul. The two Red Wizards engaged in a furious conflict and Thrul emerged as the victor, taking the tharch as his prize.[6][4]

Notable locationsEdit

  • Bezantur: Known as the "heart" of Thay, the City of a Thousand Temples was as large and flourishing a metropolis that could be found in the nation of Thay.[7]
  • Murbant: A coastal city of fishers and smugglers, Murbant was largely ignored by the tharchion of Priador.[8]
  • Thasselen: This formerly thriving city was ravaged during the Salamander War and used as the private domain of Aznar Thrul[9]


The Priador Emporium, an arcane shop run by the Guild of Foreign Trade within the Red Wizards' enclave in Proskur, was named after this tharch.[10]


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