The Prince of Frost, also called the Pale Prince and the Lord of the Long Night, was a mighty archfey.[1] He was the mightiest of the fey faction called the Winter Fey, although he was not truly their leader.[3]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Prince of Frost resembled an eladrin with icy blue skin, long white hair, and white eyes. He continually gave off an aura of freezing cold.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

The Pale Prince was bitter and merciless,[1] though not unnecessarily cruel.[3]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Prince of Frost had many powerful, innate magical abilities, such as being able to freeze mortal creatures and summon blizzards. He was known to speak the languages of elves, dragons, giants, and primordials, as well as the common language. The Pale Prince could see even when there was little light.[1]

Realm[edit | edit source]

The Prince of Frost ruled over the Vale of Long Night in the Feywild. It was a place where the sun never rose and the moon never set, a frigid place where the snow never melted and the trees were eternally covered in frost. Barren orchards and ruined farms there reflected the fears of mortal farmers. A glacier rose to the north, and a vast, ever-frozen lake stretched across the south. The wind seemed to sing a song of pain and loss, and the cold seemed to reach through one's body to freeze even their dreams.[1]

The Pale Prince ruled the Vale from his Fortress of Frozen Tears, a citadel which was supposedly constructed out of frozen tears of sorrow. Within it, he kept a number of frozen mortals that he had turned into ice statues.[1]

Activities[edit | edit source]

The Prince of Frost sought to cover the mortal world in ice and eternal winter.[1]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The Prince of Frost was the son of Titania, the Summer Queen, and presumably the brother of her other children as well.[1]

Among the other fey, the Pale Prince was shunned by those of the Summer Court, and even hated by a few of those faeries, but the older and more powerful of them only pitied him. The fey of winter, however, united under him when they united at all, although he was by no means their ruler.[1]

The Pale Prince's most favored servants were the Sisters of Lament, the two remaining Daughters of Delight. In their grief and his bitter sorrow, they changed in horrific, undead shades of what they once were.[1]

The Pale Prince was also served by various fey associated with winter, as well as some white dragons and other creatures of cold. However, despite his normal hatred for mortals, he had some mortal servants, called the Wintertouched; he was known to make pacts with warlocks and some druids followed him. Warlocks who made pacts with him were called Long Night Scions.[1]

The Prince of Frost hated the Raven Queen for her role in the loss of his beloved, and he delighted in usurping some of her power through his association with freezing death and darkness. On her part, however, the Raven Queen desired him as an exarch or even a consort.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The Prince of Frost was once known as the Sun Prince, and his realm was a place of light and summer warmth. Among the denizens of his vale were a trio of sisters called the Daughters of Delight, powerful fey from another summer realm. The most beautiful of the three was Sharaea, whom the Sun Prince was in love with and betrothed to; Sharaea loved him in return.[1]

Eventually, however, Sharaea grew bored with the endless revelry of the fey and left it for the Material Plane, where she fell in love with a mortal hero and fought against the forces of darkness at his side. The Sun Prince soon grew jealous and demanded that she honor her promise and marry him. When she refused, the Prince swore that he would not let her go, even if he had to hold her prisoner. Sharaea, not strong enough to face him and fearing for the safety of her mortal lover, instead made a bargain with the Raven Queen that cast her soul and her lover's soul far ahead in time. She intended that the time would allow the Sun Prince to calm and heal.[1]

Instead, the Sun Prince grew bitter with sorrow and his sunny realm turned into one of winter night. His heart turned to ice and he left his name behind when he left the Summer Court. The remaining Daughters of Delight were twisted by his sorrow into the Sisters of Lament.[1]

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