The Princes of Murghôm were the ruling council who ruled the nation of Murghôm since 1409 DR.[2] The princes were members of all the races of dragonkind.[3] Each dragon prince ruled its own settlement and the region around it. Most had humanoid servants and were benevolent. Only few of the dragon princes were evil.[2]

Dragon princes were belligerent, as they fought one another to increase their holdings or eliminate rivals. Landless dragons also searched for weak dragon princes to overthrow. As an unspoken rule, neither dragon princes or landless wyrms attacked other dragons directly, as they wanted to make their subjects believe that the princes were untouchable and invincible.[2]

Despite the occasional conflict, no dragon prince actively sought to rule all the land and the other dragon princes as a dragon king. When the dragon princes needed to discuss important matters, they held a Council of Wyrms in Dracowyr.[2] Many considered Skalnaedyr to be their leader, however, as he was the strongest dragon prince.[1]

Dragon princes regarded dragonborn with suspicion, knowing most of them had no love for draconic kings. However, a few of them overcame those prejudices and employed dragonborn as their servants as well.[2][note 1]

History Edit

The first dragon prince was Skalnaedyr, regarded as such when he "conquered" the village of the same name in 1409 DR, when he was fleeing an epidemia that killed many dragons of the Copper Mountains. Since then other dragons sought to emulate his example, and eventually many wyrms dominated the lands of Murghôm and Semphar.[2][4]

In 1478 DR, some of the dragon princes joined Brimstone's xorvintaal.[1] However, after discovering that Brimstone was using a spell to compel them to play, the dragon princes joined forces with dragonborn knights from Tymanther and the Brotherhood of the Griffon on Nightal of 1479 DR, and put an end to Brimstone's game.[5]

By 1489 DR, the dragon princes were still the rulers of Murghôm.[6]

Known dragons princes (1479 DR) Edit

Deceased dragon princes as of 1479 DREdit



  1. Such as Ananta, who was the favored servant of Skalnaedyr.


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