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Prismal the Outrageous was a human male wizard and cleric[1] of Azuth.[citation needed] He owned and ran Chemcheaux, the most eclectic magic shop of the Realms, located in Raven's Bluff in the Vast.


Prismal was aged 175 in the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR,[citation needed] but appeared 50 or 60. He was 6'2" and 170 lbs. His gray-streaked black hair and dark brown eyes hinted at his half-Shou heritage.

Having developed a horrible magical curse, Prismal had an evil reputation.[2] In fact, though he applied this spell once, he was an intense researcher in magic, diligent businessman and generally lawful citizen.[1][2]


Prismal was immune to many spells that could be cast by new or inexperienced mages.


Prismal used a ring of protection +5, a cloak of protection +4, a ceremonial sword, a staff of the magi, and practically anything else he wanted to procure from one of his shops.


Chemcheaux in Raven's Bluff

Prismal's human male apprentice Mortimer ran the daily operations, since Prismal was almost always away researching magic in one form or another.


Prismal was born to an otherworldly ranger father and a wu jen mother from Kara-Tur, who also had a second son. While growing up in the land of Shou Lung, his family had great wealth and influence. At age five, sohei assassins murdered his parents, took his brother (who he never saw again), kidnapped him and left him for dead in a desolate area called the Dunes of Death. For seven months, Prismal survived until he was found by monks from a nearby monastery, who took him in and trained him in their mysterious ways. Prismal bore the brands of the monks on his forearms, a leopard on his right arm and an oriental dragon on his left.

When he reached the age of thirty, he discovered that the monks that mentored him had heard of a young boy who would become powerful in the mystic arts and hired sohei to take him. That boy was Prismal. Disillusioned with them, he left vowing revenge. Prismal spent many years focusing his attention on the magic arts and writing novels based on his adventures on and off of the world of Toril. He was even paid 100,000 platinum pieces to cast a curse on a man guilty of infidelity. He used this capital to start Chemcheaux with a partner, who faked Prismal's death and then took over Chemcheaux. Prismal's friends Archmeagen, Mortimer and Rhodhan helped him recover his business and he vowed to never have a partner again.[1]

He disappeared in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR when an explosion leveled the shop. Several years later, a dining and dancing club named "The Raven's Glory" was built on the same spot.[3]


Mortimer is a mage who was in charge of Chemcheaux in Raven's Bluff. He was a gentle-natured giant of a man hailing from Calimport.

Rhodhan was a cleric born on the same world as Prismal's father, a place called Pangaea. He was the bookkeeper of the shop. This handsome man and his beautiful wife had seven children, two of which were grown and married and one of those had three children of her own.[1]

Prismal was also acquainted with Gamalon Idogyr.[1]



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