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Prismatic sphere was an incredibly powerful abjuration spell that created a defensive spherical barrier around the caster.[2]


The spell was somewhat similar to the equally powerful prismatic wall spell. However, instead of conjuring a large wall, a brightly colored, flashing globe would be created, which surrounded the caster from every form of damage. The colors of the sphere, however, had the exact same effects as the colors of a prismatic wall, such as blinding creatures for up to 1 hour and 20 minutes.[2]

The powerful caster could easily move inside or outside the sphere. Only when the caster was outside the sphere could they cast additional spells or fire missiles, as the powerful globe would simply block the projectiles. Other creatures that attempted to move through the sphere, however, would suffer the effects of every color. Despite the name, only a portion of the sphere would be visible at a single time. If standing on solid ground, only a hemisphere would be visible, as the other half would be under the ground. If in a small cavern, most of the sphere would be inside the walls of the cavern.[2]


The spell was the last to be attributed to Netherese arcanist Anglin of Seventon in −1921 DR and was originally called Anglin's sphere.[1]