Produce flame was an evocation spell used by druids and clerics that created flames in the caster's hands.[2][3][6] An arcane version of the spell existed, but it was only accessible to fire elementalists and witches, and required much more magical power.[5]


When cast, flames appeared in the caster's open hand, without harming them or their possessions, lasting a minute or more for experienced casters. The fire illuminated out to 20 feet (6 meters) as torches do. They could also be used to strike their foes, moderately burning them, or hurled to a distance of 120 feet (36 meters). As soon as these flames were thrown away, fresh flames appeared in hand, but the spell then lasted one less minute overall.[2][3]

The spell did not function underwater, for obvious reasons.[2][5]


It required verbal and somatic components.[2]



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