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Project image was an illusion spell that created an illusory double that could talk and cast spells.[3]


The spell created a shadow duplicate of the spellcaster. It looked, sounded, and smelled like the caster but was intangible. The shadow mimicked actions (including speech), unless the caster concentrated on making it act differently. Casters could see through a mimic's eyes and hear through its ears as if they were standing where it was. A caster could choose to switch from seeing through its eyes to seeing normally—or back again.

If desired, any spell transferred by touch could originate from the shadow instead of from the body of the caster. (The shadow was quasi-real, just real enough to cast spells that originated from the caster.) The shadow could cast spells on itself only if those spells affected shadows.[3]

The caster required an unobstructed path to the shadow duplicate. Any obstruction or instantaneous movement by the caster caused the spell to end.[3]


In addition to somatic and verbal components, the spell required a doll resembling the caster, worth at least 5 gp in materials.[3]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Toscudlo in −1521 DR and was originally called Toscudlo's project image.[1]


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