The Pronouncement of Two Skies was an apocryphal story that narrated when the gith race fractured into the githyanki and the githzerai.[1][note 1]

After the gith destroyed the illithid empire, Gith, a warrior-queen and leader of the rebellion, declared that the People would not rest until they had discovered and destroyed all remaining illithids in the multiverse; then, the People would be free to conquer all of the planes of existence and bring war to all other races. Many of the People’s hearts shared this goal. Zerthimon argued that the People already knew freedom and should begin to mend the damage done to their race. He too expressed a goal that was in the hearts of many of the People. Still, Gith insisted that hers was the only path and that they would be “under the same sky” in the matter.[1]

Zerthimon then told Gith that there “cannot be two skies.” This became known as the Pronouncement of Two Skies, a declaration of war that splintered the People into the races of githyanki and githzerai. Battle was waged on the Blasted Plains, and the githyanki retreated to the Astral Sea while the githzerai withdrew to the chaos of Limbo. The two races have remained enemies ever since.[1]



  1. This story is from the Planescape: Torment video game, and so may not be precisely canon as recounted here. In particular the phrase "Pronouncement of Two Skies" and the use of the name "People" to refer to the gith forerunners isn't found elsewhere.


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