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Protection from energy, also known as protection from elements, was the successor to the protection from fire[14][15] spell. It was an abjuration spell that absorbed damage from either acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sound (sonic damage), at the choice of the caster.[16]


The more versatile version of this spell granted the recipient an aura of damage absorption for the type of energy specified when casting the spell. All clothing and equipment worn or carried by the recipient were also protected. The amount of damage that could be absorbed increased with the level of the caster up to a maximum at 10th level. This spell absorbed damage from normal as well as magical forms of the specified energy.[16]

The more specific protection from fire had the unusual property of a different effect depending on the target of the spell. If the caster was also the target, the spell granted complete immunity to normal fires and damage absorption to magical fire attacks, with no upper limit based on the caster's level. If the target was another creature, the same invulnerability to normal fires was conferred, plus an increased chance to avoid magical fire attacks, and a reduction by one half of any damage suffered.[14][15]

Protection from energy was an improved form of resist energy and the two spells did not stack. That is, if both spells were cast on the same creature with the same chosen energy type, the greater protection from energy would operate until discharged and only then would resist energy begin to work.[16]


In addition to the verbal and somatic components, the caster's holy symbol or divine focus was required to cast this spell.

The post-Second Sundering version of the spell required only verbal and somatic components.[1]


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