Duke Pryden Daggerford was the head–of–state of Daggerford during the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Like the other dukes of Daggerford, Pryden wielded the duchy's sword of state, Lawflame.[1]


Duke Pryden had three children: his eldest son Merovy, a younger son Pwyll,[1] and a daughter named Bronwyn.

The duke had a half-brother Sir Llewellyn Longhand, who served as his Master–at–Arms.[2] He appointed Kelson Darktreader as his Master of the Hunt.[4]


Following the death of the duke's son Merovy, Pryden recalled his son Pwyll from his adventuring life. He began to prepare Pwyll for the position of rulership.[1] At this time, Bronwyn began studying magic in preparation to serve as Daggerford's future court wizard.[3]

The duke himself died during the First Dragonspear War and Pwyll ascended as the leader of Daggerford.[1][note 1]



  1. The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier states that Duke Pryden died while fighting the "forces of Dragonspear Castle". This is believed occur during the First Dragonspear War as Pwyll is already duke at the beginning of the Second Dragonspear War, according to Hordes of Dragonspear.


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