Pryderi mac Dylan was a shield dwarf man of the dwarven city of Earthfast[3] of the Earthfast Mountains of north Faerûn,[1] in the Earthroot region of the Underdark[2]


Pryderi was the son of Dylan.[1]

In the Year of the Turret, 1360 DR, Pryderi was one of the 2000 Earthfast dwarves led by Ironlord Torg mac Cei who joined the Army of the Alliance against the Tuigan Horde.[4]

As the dwarves camped south of Uthmerg in the Great Dale, Pryderi was one of the sentries. He and another dwarf caught two apparent intruders teleporting in just outside—King Azoun IV of Cormyr, leader of the Army, and his Court Wizard Vangerdahast—and held them at crossbow-point. Ironlord Torg arrived and berated Pryderi and his fellow sentry for failing to recognize a king.[3]

It transpired that the dwarven escort sent to meet Azoun and Vangerdahast had disappeared, and Torg ordered Pryderi to lead a patrol to find them.[3] The patrol found the escort killed by orcs. Later, joined by Vangerdahast, they discovered two orcish scouts. Vangerdahast hypnotized one, but when the spell was disrupted, Pryderi shot the orc before he could draw a sword on the wizard. Upon the patrol's return late at night, Pryderi delivered his findings to Torg. Afterwards, he returned to guard duty.[5]


Pryderi had red hair and beard.[3] [note 1]



  1. The cover art for Crusade, shown in the image above, shows a crowned dwarf, intended to be Torg mac Cei, speaking to a red-bearded dwarf. Although this scene does not occur in the novel, it is presumed in this article that the red-bearded dwarf is Pryderi mac Dylan, as he is the only other named dwarf with a speaking part in the novel. The Spellfire: Master the Magic CCG card #79 uses this image for "Dwarf of Earthfast".



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