Psilofyr was the myconid deity of community and healing.[2][3]

Description Edit

Psilofyr was viewed by the myconids as a deific mediator and teacher who taught their earliest ancestors the secrets of potion-brewing.[2]

Psilofyr was typically depicted as a fungal version of a world tree, with its mycelia reaching across the planes of existence from its home in Nirvana, to connect with all myconid communities.[2][3]

Psilofyr's foremost concern was the protection of the myconid race, as well as the pursuit of philosophical perfection.[2]

The deity's avatar appeared in the shape of an enormous myconid with a massive mycelium complex drifting about behind it as it moved through levitation. The colour of Psilofyr's avatar was said to change to fit its mood, though grayish blue was the most common appearance.[2]

Worshipers Edit

Among the myconid-kings of the material planes, Psilofyr was known to select a chosen few to become priest-kings, and thereby engage in continuous psionic connections with them.[2]

In the case of an emergency, priest-kings would engage in communion with Psilofyr and potentially be granted powers by their god to the same capacity as its avatar.[2]

The entity, Araumycos was theorized to be an avatar of Psilofyr.[4]




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