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Purfbin's clothes were a set of unfashionably bright-colored clothes owned and created by a gnome "professional treasure hunter" Purfbin Doogrick circa 1372 DR.[1]


Purfbin's clothes were outdated by most standards of 1372 DR, with its obnoxious bright purple and blue color. The daring outfit also provided the gnome with countless deep pockets filled to the brim with various seeming useless widgets and miscellany.[1]


Purfbin's clothes were not just bright, they were extremely also useful to a rogue, as having access to the right tool at the right moments proved to be beneficial, thanks to the mundane but seemingly almost arcane nature of the endless pockets, the wearer received enhancement to their crafting skills (weapon, armor, traps0, lock picking skill, and the trap-setting skill. Additionally, the clothes possessed all benefits of wearing a set of light armor, magical +3 enchantment, and it increased the wearer's dexterity.[1]


Purfbin famously wore his striking clothes while adventuring with the hero of Daggerford in 1372 DR, aiding in stopping Zhentarim's plans of taking over the city, stopping a powerful fiend Gorgomorz from laying waste to the city, and rescuing the Duke and Duchess of Daggerford, all while filling his endless pockets with loot and treasures.[1]



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