The Purple Masks Guild was a thieves' guild in the city of Iriaebor in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


They operated underneath the High Altar of the Moon, or the “Moontower” as the lay people of the city called it. The entrance to the guild was in one of the prayer boxes inside the temple. After one knocked a secret code on a wooden panel, a panel was opened by one of the members of the guild, revealing a corridor. Following the corridor led down to a long flight of stairs and then through a labyrinthine network of corridors and chambers that spread beneath the entire temple.[1]

The Guild had a secret entrance to the dungeons of the High Tower of Iriaebor.[2]


Around 1363 DR, its leader was Guildmaster Bock, an enormous man with several chins, dressed in maroon and silver silk, with a pudgy ring-covered hand. Despite his appearance, he was an intelligent man. Bock had asked Jewel Talondim, the head of an independent thief family, to marry him for at least twenty years; she kept saying maybe. He greeted visitors in a lavishly decorated chamber. Many-hued silks hung from the walls, and the floor was strewn with thick rugs and embroidered cushions. Guildmaster Bock usually sat on a heap of pillows in the chamber's center.[3]


Some members of the guild wore a gray outfit and a silken violet mask.[1] Two members of the guild are Kyana, a slender, dark-haired woman with large, catlike eyes; and Talim, a young man with a mop of red hair.[2]



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