Purskul was a city in Amn.[1][2]


Circa 1370 DR, Purskul was recorded as having a population of around 12,000 people, comprising 40% humans, 30% halflings, 29% half-orcs, and 1% full-blooded orcs.[1] Circa 1372 DR, it was recorded to have a population of 27,210 people, marking it as a metropolis. Half-orcs accounted 15% of this value.[2][note 1]

The large half-orc population dated back to 1235 DR, when the armies of Amn, while battling with humanoid forces, captured many orcs and forced them to work at labor camps in Purskul. Those who worked the hardest were granted their freedom. Their descendants made up the later orcish population.[1][2]


It was a granary city and an important caravan stop. The half-orc inhabitants generally worked as caravan guards and mercenaries.[2]


There was a temple to Chauntea, but it was left empty after its clerics fell sick and died around 1370 DR.[2]



  1. Third edition saw widespread alterations in population figures, accounting for this discrepancy.


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