Duke Pwyll "Greatshout" Daggerford was the ruler of the duchy of Daggerford circa the mid–14th century DR.[2] He defended his people during the Second Dragonspear War of 1366 DR, having become duke after his father's death in the first Dragonspear War seven years prior.[1][note 1]


He spent much of his time out of town hunting, or exploring new opportunities and ways to make better the lives of his people.[5]


Among the duke's possessions was Daggerford's sword–of–state, Lawflame. This flame tongue blade dated back to the town's first duke.[1]


Duke Pwyll was served well by his court wizard Gwydion pen Dafwyd, Gwydion's apprentice (and Pwyll's sister) Bronwyn, and his commander of the Daggerford armed forces, Lord Llewellyn Longhand.[4]


As a young man, Pwyll lived the life of a daring adventurer. That came to an end at the age of 25 however, when his brother Merovy died while romping around the Unicorn Run. Pwyll's father Duke Pryden, bid his son return home to Daggerford in order learn how to properly rule their people. While he protested in spirit, Pwyll knew his true duty was to his people and not his own lifestyle.[1]

Duke Pryden fell in battle while fighting the armies of Dragonspear Castle, during the First Dragonspear War, in the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR. As he was the only heir left, Pwyll succeeded him as duke and took command throughout the rest of the campaign. During the sacking of the castle itself, Pwyll found and readily drank from an unidentified potion. It gave him the ability to vocalize a "great shout", that blew foes away in battle.[1]

When the forces of the Dragonspear Castle began a second war, in the Year of the Wyvern, 1363 DR, Duke Pwyll raised the militia of Daggerford and locked down the town in order to keep it well-defended.[6] This time, the armed forces of Daggerford were led by Dauravyn Redbeard and a band of adventurers, rather than their reigning duke.[6]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Duke Pwyll claimed to be a descendant of Tyndal, the young boy that slew six men in Daggerford's founding story.[7]



  1. The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier states that Duke Pryden died while fighting the "forces of Dragonspear Castle". This is believed occur during the First Dragonspear War as Pwyll is already duke at the beginning of the Second Dragonspear War, according to Hordes of Dragonspear.


Hordes of Dragonspear


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