Pyarados was a small but vital tharch, located in the eastern region of Thay, just west of the River Thazarim.[2] Despite its size, it was important to the nation as it controlled access to the valuable minerals found within the eastward Sunrise Mountains.[3] The lands east of the Thazarim held vast slave plantations and many estates of the nation's Red Wizards.[4]

Armed ForcesEdit

The tharch was renowned for its famed Griffon Legion,[1] warriors and warmages that soared the skies over Thay atop their aerial griffon mounts.[5][6]


Heavy taxes were imposed on mining businesses that sought to mine the depths of the Sunrise Mountains. Even the most basic of survival equipment were sold at exorbitant rates within Pyarados' towns and settlements.[3]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Kepetur:
  • Pyarados: The capital of the tharch was an eclectic, wild city of both immense wealth and outright destitution. It served as a gateway to the untamed wilderness due further east.[7]

Geographical FeaturesEdit




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