Pyratar was the capital of Var the Golden in 1367 DR.[1]


Pyratar was located on a bay named the Throat within the western regions of the Golden Water. The Throat shielded the city from the harsh winter storms that ravaged much of the surrounding area.[1]

Pyratar's docks, and their naval traffic, rivaled those of Heldapan's across the Golden Water.[1]


This city had a population of 45,000.[1]

Pyratar was the home of the Chaka Sememra. They had their fingers entwined within most of the businesses in the capital.[1]

The city was ruled by the Supreme Potentate Anwir Dupretiskava who continuously played the three strongest factions of Var against one another, the Hajwas (landed nobility), the Nawabs (merchants), and the Janas (priest of the Adama), leaving the Potentate to act as mediator between them.[2]

A growing sect of worshipers of Mask resided in the city. Led by Kelsipal, their goal was to first take over Pyratar and then the rest of the country.[1]

History Edit

In 1184 DR, the ancient Blue dragon Anwir Duprestiskava slew the then ruling Supreme Potentate of Var, whereafter he disguised himself as a human and successfully deceived the citizens of Var into believing that he was the distant cousin of the former Potentate and as such the next heir to the throne. Anwir was shortly thereafter crowned the new Supreme Potentate of Var, ruling the nation out of Pyratar.[3]

In 1385 DR, as Pyratar and the rest of the nation of Var was drowned as the result of the Spellplague and thousands upon thousands of its citizens died in mere days, the now realmless ruler of Var turned mad, running berserk throughout the sunken ruins of his old capital of Pyratar.[4]

As of 1479 DR, the Blue dragon continued to stalk the ruins of Pyratar, slaying any adventurers or similar who dared to explore the sunken city. Anwir was however also known to occasionally attack and sink ships that unknowingly sailed too close to his domain.[4]



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