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Pyrite, also known as iron pyrite or fool's gold,[4] was a golden-hued mineral[3][5][6] containing iron.[7]


With its yellow-metallic sheen, pyrite resembled gold to the uninitiated eye,[5][6] but was much less valuable than the precious metal.[3] Deposits of fool's gold however did sometimes contain a certain amount of real gold.[1] Pyrite also appeared in small quantities within lapis lazuli, giving the blue ornamental stone its golden flecks.[8][9]


Iron pyrite was commonly available at many towns and markets.[10] It was sold by Aurora's Emporium in the 1360s DR.[3]


Pyrite could be smelted to yield the iron it contained.[7]

Pyrite was one of the reflective materials used by the dao to decorate their capital on the Elemental Plane of Earth, the Sevenfold Mazework, and help with its illumination.[11][12]

Magical UsesEdit

Iron pyrite was common stock in a reasonably equipped wizard's laboratory.[10]

It was the material component for the spells Leomund's trap,[13][14][15] and cone of earth.[16]

The conical hat, an Imaskari relic dangerous to the wearer's mind found in Solon around 1360 DR, was made of iron pyrite.[17][18]

Religious SignificanceEdit

The discovery of iron pyrite was sent as a portent by Waukeen to her faithful,[19] as well as a sign of displeasure by either Dumathoin[4] or Vergadain to their dwarven followers.[20]



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  1. Player's Option: Spells & Magic gives a value of 2 sp for the amount necessary for one spell.



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