The qanun of the spirits was a beautiful magical musical instrument that was presented to the high chieftain of the jann of the High Desert on his ascension day.[1]

Each new jann chieftain received a full set of magical instruments known collectively as the instruments of the jann, so there were multiple qanuns of the spirits scattered throughout the Land of Fate.[1]


This fine instrument was made from select mahogany from the Isle of the Elephant. Rumors abounded that the strings were made of thin spun gold or even solidified light. A pick carved from a precious emerald was used to play the instrument.[1]


The qanun of the spirits was considered to be the most powerful item of all the instruments of the jann. When played, the musician effectively cast the fire truth spell. The tone of the instrument determined if the target was telling the truth, with sour notes indicating a lie. This power could be used once per day, though bards and rawunin could use it twice per day.[1]

Additionally, bards and rawunin could "call the ancestors", granting them the ability to speak with dead and even to animate dead as if they were a powerful priest. This power could be used once per week.[1]



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