Qar Jysstev was Namarch on the Council of Six in Amn.[1]


He was a skinny man who tried to hide his bald spot with expensive wigs of yoxen hair.[1]


Qar advocated the use of the Council to progress Amnian trade, and wanted to introduce more trade goods from Maztica to the isolated northern areas of the nation, since this is more profitable, albeit riskier.[2]


In 1321 DR, Qar became Lord of House Jysstev and later in 1345 DR, he was appointed Dahaunarch. In 1362 DR, he was made Namarch on the Council of Six. His family fell into debt sold all their assets in Athkatla and Murann. Still high ranking, the Jysstev family moved to Eshpurta, where they had allies and honor bound loyalists.[1]