Qu'ellarz'orl was a high plateau and district in the drow city of Menzoberranzan. It was home to some of the most powerful drow houses in the city, including House Baenre, the most powerful house. Qu'ellarz'orl and Tier Breche combined were considered the "two heads" (most important unifying parts) of Menzoberranzan.[1]


The plateau was located in the southwestern corner of the city and was screened from the rest of the city by a forest of giant mushrooms.[2] On the other side of the forest was the wealthy district of Narbondellyn.[3]

There were nine tunnels between Lake Donigarten and the edge of the Qu'ellarz'orl plateau.[4]


In contrast to the rest of the city, Qu'ellarz'orl was spacious and bare; no crowds were found here, nor any businesses.[citation needed]


House Baenre 
Long the city's first house, it was located along the southern wall on the second tier of the highest ledge.[5]
House Xorlarrin 
One of the ruling houses,[6][7] until its inhabitants moved to Q'Xorlarrin in 1484 DR.[8]
House Mizzrym 
A house with many mages.[6][7]
House Agrach Dyrr 
One of Menzoberranzan's more powerful houses.[6][7]


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